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Loctite 425

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Instant glue

Loctite ® Instant Adhesive technology to improve the productivity of the dream become a reality, Loctite ® high-performance, purpose-built specifically for the cyanoacrylate has been the most widely used in industry. Loctite ® Instant Adhesive covers a variety of viscosity, curing rate, and compatibility with filling the gap adherend. Its super-performance PRISM series products are new products that exceed the most stringent standards. This series includes enhanced, low-odor, low-whitening, surface-insensitive, heat-resistant cycle products. .

Instant glue

380 enhanced

401 surface insensitive

l Rubber reinforced type, which can bond metal, rubber and plastic with excellent resistance to peeling. Impact and shear strength.

l Universal type, medium viscosity. For bonding porous, acidic and absorbent materials. Insensitive to surface

403 low odor, low whitening type

406 surface insensitive

l Good humidity resistance, low odor, low whitening (no complicated ventilation system required)

l Universal type, low viscosity

l Used for bonding porous, acidic and absorbing materials.

411 enhanced

414 plastic bonding type

l Good impact resistance, high peel strength, can fill gaps

l Good moisture resistance and weather resistance.

l For bonding plastic

415 metal bonding type

4210 heat-resistant

l High viscosity, good impact resistance, used for bonding metals

l Rubber reinforced, medium viscosity, impact resistance, high temperature resistance ( 120 )

454 surface insensitive

460 low odor, low whitening type

l Universal type, high viscosity

l For bonding porous, acidic and absorbent materials

l Low whitening, low viscosity, low odor

480 enhanced


l Rubber-reinforced, medium viscosity, impact resistance, vibration resistance, peel resistance and excellent heat resistance

l Low viscosity, fast curing flexible adhesive


495 plastic bonding type

l Medium viscosity, suitable for bonding porous and flexible materials (leather, fiber).

l Universal type, medium and low viscosity, used for bonding rubber, metal and plastic parts.

l Can fill a gap of 0.10mm

496 metal bonding type

498 heat-resistant cycle

l Medium viscosity, rapid initial solidification. For bonding metals

l Medium viscosity, high temperature resistant products, suitable for all metals, most plastics and rubber.

l Resistance to continuous high temperature of 106 and intermittent high temperature of 121 .

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