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ANT225 (Automatic Dispenser)

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Automatic dispensing robot ANT-225

product manual:

● It can replace manual specific dispensing operation and realize automatic production of machinery

Simple and convenient operation, high speed and accuracy

Simple product upgrade

Convenient and practical map function

Corner smoothing

High-strength equipment body, making the verticality of XYZ high

The machine body is CNC integrated, which effectively guarantees the verticality of XYZ and improves the machining accuracy of the machine.

Single machine operation and easiest installation

ANT-225 can operate stand-alone without any external computer. Not only is it easy to install, it is also simple to set up.

Humanized teaching box allows you to easily complete programming

The teaching box with graphic button design allows you to easily set any dispensing path at your fingertips. More complete matrix may be a simple copy of the various paths, offset modification, correction point setting ...... program transmission between a machine and various other powerful features.

Circular interpolation control system

The meticulously developed control card allows ANT-225 to achieve spatial linear interpolation, orthogonal arc, orthogonal ellipse and orthogonal spiral interpolation.

Suitable for all kinds of dispensing industry

Generally, UV glue, Silicon , EPOXY , red glue, silver glue, AB glue, COB black glue, conductive glue, heat-dissipating aluminum paste, instant glue, etc. can be used on ANT-225 .

Common applications are

Semiconductor package                  PCB electronic parts fixing and protection    LCD glass organic board package sticking

portable telephone or a key board coating dispensing speaker dispensing                cell sealing dispensing cartridge

steam vehicle mechanical parts coated              metal parts coated Next          quantitative gas, liquid filling coating

Chip binding

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Product basic parameters




Dispensing range X / Y / Z (mm):


Maximum load Y-AXIS / Z-AXIS:


Moving speed (mm / sec):


Decomposition ability:

0.01 mm/Axis

Repeat accuracy:

+/-0.01 mm/Axis

Program recording mode:

At least 100, 5000 points per group (can upload computer)

Display method:

LCD teaching box

Motor system:

Japanese micro stepping precision motor

Operation mode:


transfer method:

Timing belt

Motion tween function:

3axis (Any route in 3D space can be used)

Edit mode:

Teaching box

I / O 讯:

3lnputs/ 4 Outputs

External control interface:


Input power:

Full voltage AC110V ~ 220V (internal switch conversion)

Working temperature:

5-40 ° C

Working environment humidity:


Overall dimensions (W × D × H mm):

380 × 426.5 × 541

Body weight (kg):




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