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SY-1010 (AB glue potting machine)

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AB glue potting machine SY-1010

The AB glue potting machine has a wide adjustable range, and the single glue output can be adjusted from 0.5-1000 grams , with a precision of ± 1% . Suitable for pouring two-component epoxy resin, polyurethane, silicone, acrylic, etc.

Equipment characteristics:

High accuracy: use volumetric measurement technology to ensure measurement accuracy

Stability: long-term continuous operation, stable mixing ratio and output

Scope of application: mixing ratio and output can be adjusted according to product requirements, and the process is simple

Simple operation: After parameter setting, it can be completed by a few keys on the operation panel

Applicable adhesive: epoxy resin ( EPOXY ) , silicone ( Silicone ) , acrylic ( Acrylic ) , the PU

Environmental protection and safety: reduce the labor intensity of employees, minimize the operator's contact with chemicals, reduce leakage, and ensure personnel safety


Chinese intercom system, human-computer touch screen output can be easily set by adjusting the action time and has teaching memory function 20 groups of glue mode memory ( memory capacity can be expanded ) foot switch or panel start control, simple operation Stable frequency conversion control, which can control the discharge volume and mixing accuracy within ± 2%. Disposable static mixer can be selected. You can choose dynamic forced mixing and stirring without using chemical solvents. Enhance the mixing effect by setting the interval time. let you work faster and more efficiently as long as the input value, you can easily adjust the desired ratio of hardening warning function, eliminating the trouble can be easily cured with all kinds of automated production lines and automation equipment (the XY tABLE , rotary table, conveyor belts, etc. ) can Operating viscosity up to 75000CPS

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