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ANT-441DK (dispensing machine)

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Gantry movable dispensing machine ( floor type) ANT-441DK

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● Industrial computer control + professional dispensing control software

With teaching, DXF graphic files are automatically converted into dispensing path

● The table does not move during operation, which facilitates the exchange of workpieces and effectively improves work efficiency

A and B dispensing heads are reserved for independent control

If higher accuracy is required, it can also be equipped with a CCD vision positioning system ( Note: optional accessories )

High-strength equipment body, making the verticality of XYZ high

The machine body is CNC machined, which effectively guarantees the verticality of XYZ and improves the machining accuracy of the machine.

Single machine operation and easiest installation

ANT-441DK is fully computer controlled. Easy to install and easy to set up.

LCD display, easy click to complete dispensing path editing

LCD display, mouse and keyboard operation allow the operator to easily complete the setting of any dispensing path. More complete matrix may be a simple copy of the various paths, offset modification, correction point setting ...... .

Suitable for all kinds of dispensing industry

Generally common UV glue, Silicon , EPOXY , red glue, silver glue, AB glue, COB black glue, conductive glue, heat-dissipating aluminum paste, instant glue, etc. can be used on ANT-441DK .

Common applications are

Semiconductor packaging                      Battery box dispensing and sealing

PCB electronic parts fixing and protection           Automobile parts coating

LCD glass organic board packaging and sticking           Hardware parts coating

Mobile phone board coating or keypad dispensing      Fixed gas and liquid filling coating

Speaker dispensing                       Chip binding

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