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WEICON Flex 310 M® Classic (Classic)

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WEICON Flex 310 M® Classic (Classic)

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       WEICON FLE 310 M CLASSIC sealant strength large, can be painted (wet weight), may be frosted, further having a projecting aging stability and a good UV resistance. It is resistant to salt water and fresh impact, silicone-free, isocyanurate ester, halogen or solvent.

       This product has passed the European Food Grade Certification (ISEGA) and can be used in the food industry.

       FLEX 310 M CLASSIC MS polymer is based on an elastic sealant for metal, most plastics, ceramic porcelain, wood, glass and stone adhesive.

       FLEX 310 M CLASSIC made of metal can be used, an instrument construction, transportation, construction vehicles and containers, ventilation and air conditioning systems, electrical industry, shipbuilding industry, and so are not suitable for other applications with silicone.

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ingredient 1 K-polyoxypropylene
density 1,44 g / cm³
Viscosity Paste
Stability / Flow (ASTM D 2202) 1 mm
Processing temperature 5 to 40 ° C
Curing type Cured by moisture
Curing conditions 5 to 40 ° C, 30% -95% relative humidity
Surface dry time 25 min
Curing speed (first 24 hours) 2 – 3 mm
Volume change (DIN 52451)


Maximum filling capacity 5 mm
Maximum gap width 25 mm
Shelf life (5 to 25 ° C) 12 months
Shore strength A (DIN 53505 / ASTM D 2240) ± 5 42
Elongation at Break (DIN 53504ASTM D412) 650%
Pure adhesive / sealant tensile strength 3,3 N / mm²
Average tensile shear strength (DIN 53283 / ASTM D 1002) 2,1 N / mm²
Tear strength (DIN 53515 / ASTM D 624) 20 N / mm²
Maximum transport capacity 15%
Temperature resistance -40 to 90 ℃, can reach 130 ℃ for a short time
Paintable Can be painted under "wet" conditions only within 3 hours of use.
Construction material category (DIN 4102)  B 2
Packaging specifications

310 ml   (13303310) white: RAL 9003 *

310 ml   (13305310) gray: RAL 7003 *

310 ml   (13304310) black: RAL 9004 *


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