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WEICON Copper Paste Assembly Spray

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WEICON  Copper Paste Assembly Spray             

Protective agents, release agents and lubricants for high pressure parts at high temperatures


       WEICON copper paste assembly spray is a protective agent, separating agent and lubricant, which can withstand high temperatures, effectively prevent corrosion, and has strong efficacy. Contains no sulfur, lead or nickel.

       Copper paste assembly sprays are used as assembly lubricants for various threaded joints and sliding surfaces. It can form an effective lubricating film and separation film, so as to protect the functional surfaces of plug-in tools, wear-resistant repair cores, screws and various threaded joints, plug-in joints and plug-in joints from corrosion and self-locking.

       It can be used to reduce the vibration of brake pads and guide rails, brake cams and lanyard bolts, vehicle battery terminals and other electrical connections, wheel shell bolts and nuts, as well as vibrations of wear-resistance on electrical, compressed air and hydraulic hammers.

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Grade (DIN 51818)  NLGI-level 1
colour Copper yellow
Thickener Composite aluminum thickener
Ingredient oil mineral oil
Solid lubricant Copper / graphite
VKA-test (DIN 51350) welding load 3200 N
density 1,1 g/cm³
Kinematic viscosity oil (+ 40 ° CDIN 51562) 180 mm²/s
Fall point (IP 396)  +180°C
Penetration of used grease (DIN ISO 2137) 310 - 340 1/10 mm
Temperature resistance -20 to + 1.100 ° C
Packaging specifications

400 ml  (27200400) 


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