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WEICON Silicone F

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WEICON  Silicone F

Liquid, self-leveling


       F WEICON silicone sealant is a liquid casting, gravity can be flat, easily spreadable, free of chemical solvents, acetic acid ester crosslinks properties. Can resist weathering and aging, high temperature resistance up to + 180 ° C, very good elasticity (elongation at break of about 370% ), and a wide range of uses

       Silicone F can be used exclusively for elastic bonding, insulation, dipping, and even sealing and casting of process composites (up to 10mm). It is a good bonding steel, aluminum, glass glass, ceramics, and many additional materials.

       Silicone F can be used in the machine and system construction, plastics engineering, energy and electrical industries, shops and booth construction mounted Huang, as well as many additional industrial applications.

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ingredient 1K-polysiloxane (acetate)
density 1.03g / cm³
Viscosity 11.000 mPa.s
Stability / Overflow (ASTM D 2202) liquid
Processing temperature +5 to + 35 ° C
Curing type Moisture curing
Curing conditions Temperature +5 to + 40 ° C, relative humidity 30% to 95%
Surface curing time 15 minutes
Curing speed (first 24 hours) 2-3 minutes
Volume change (DIN 52451) -9%
Maximum gap filling 2mm
Maximum gap width ---
Shelf life (+5 to + 25 ° C) 9 months
Shore A hardness (DIN 53505 /
ASTM D 2240) ± 5
twenty three
Elongation at Break (DIN 53504 /
ASTM D 412)
Tensile strength of pure adhesive / sealant 1.8 N / nm²
Average tensile shear strength (DIN 
53283 / ASTM D 1002)
0.8 N / nm²
Tear strength (DIN 535154 /
ASTM D 624)
3.6 N / nm²
Maximum mobility ---
Temperature resistance -50 to + 180 ° C
Solid content 90%
Specific forward resistance 7 x 10 ^ (14) Ohm / cm
Dielectric strength 16 kV / mm
Thermal conductivity 0.3 W / mK
Overprint capability (liquid printing) no
Construction material category (DIN 4102) B2
Packaging specifications

310 ml   (13200310) transparent


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