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WEICON VA 250 Black

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WEICON VA  250 Black

Suitable for special requirements of cyanoacrylate adhesive, rubber filling, high temperature resistance,

High viscosity, slow curing, residual elasticity after curing, high peel and impact resistance

VA 250 Black WEICON instant adhesives having ultra high viscosity (2000 - 3000 mPa • s) properties, resistance to heat a temperature range of -50 to 135 ℃. Long curing time, the rubber filled, black, has a residual elasticity and high peel off and impact resistance.

This should be attributed to its cured residual elasticity. WEICON instant between the adhesive VA 250 Black is especially suitable for the changing climate. It is not even affected by long-term humidity. VA  250 Black adhesive suitable for most different kinds of rubber and plastic materials (e.g., hard rubber or foam rubber), in order , and metal / plastic joint.


Packaging specifications

12 g   (12600012)

30 g   (12600030)

60 g   (12600060)

500 g   (12600500)

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Ester Ethyl
Attributes Colorless, transparent liquid
Viscosity (20 ° C, Brookfield) 100-150 mPa • s
Maximum clearance 0,15 mm
Initial tack (on aluminum) 2 – 10 s
Initial tack (on Nora test rubber) <5 s
Initial tack (on rigid PVC) 2 – 10 s
Final strength after curing 24 h
Temperature resistance -50 to about 120 ° C (can reach 150 ° C briefly) softening temperature 170 ° C
Packaging specifications

12 g   (12054012)

30 g   (12054030)

60 g   (12054060)

500 g   (12054500)


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