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WEICON Zinc Spray (Shiny)

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WEICON  zinc spray (shiny)             img

Long-term cathodic corrosion protection     

       The shiny zinc spray is approved by the German TUV company to provide long-term cathodic corrosion protection for various metal surfaces. Its chromaticity is bright and matches with hot-dip galvanizing.

       This spray is made of fine zinc flakes and a quick-drying adhesive protective layer. Zinc flakes form a protective layer that can even withstand extreme weather and environmental conditions.

       Shiny spray zinc primer it can be used as the high rust for coated wipe welded joints and drilling, as well as prevented in spot corrosion of metal heat-conducting layer.

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colour RAL 9006, "Hot Galvanized"
application Indoor and outdoor
Adhesive Modified alkyd resin
pigment Flake zinc and aluminum pigments
Pigment purity Zinc: about 99.9% aluminum: about 99.9%
Metal ratio in dry film About 70%
content 400ml
Required weight 1,0-1,2 g / cm³
Recommended primer Zinc spray
Processing temperature +5 to +35 (+18 to 25 is best) ℃
Drying time About 15 minutes
Hardening time About 12 hours
Recoating time About 24 hours
Salt spray test DIN 50021 / DIN 53167 <240 hours
Temperature resistance after curing Approx. -50 to + 300 ° C
Shelf life 24 months
Packaging specifications

400 ml   (11001400) 


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