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Threaded sealing strip DF 175

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Threaded sealing strip DF 175

Suitable for metal and plastic threads

WEICON DF175 is a patented 100% PTFE thread sealant that seals almost all metal and plastic threads permanently and safely. WEICON DF175 can fill the intermediate space between the threads and form a PTFE film of appropriate thickness during the screw fixing process . This film is resistant to almost all chemicals, even the most reactive solvents, corrosive solvents and acid solutions.


WEICON DF175 is non-flammable and can be used at temperatures ranging from -200 (-328 ° C) to 240 ° C (464 ° C). Compared with other sealants based on sealants, WEICON DF175 is itself a sealant. Therefore, separation of the base material and the sealing material does not occur during the service life of the threaded interface.

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Properties and advantages:
• Monofilament (single rope) made of 100% Teflon
• Resistant to mold, bacteria and fungi 
• Resistance to microbial stress and non-oxidation 
• Resistant to organic and inorganic chemicals such as mineral acids, peroxides, hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, etc. 
• Suitable for almost all threaded connections 
• Tested and certified by the most well-known international inspection agencies or standards, such as KTW, WRAS, BAM, DVGW, UL 
• Cost and time savings 
• Easy and fast installation process using a practical dispenser with integrated 360 ° cutter
Instructions for use:
Roll up the sealing tape randomly from one section of the pipe in the direction of the thread and randomly overlap. Make sure you use a sufficient amount of material from the beginning. Add 2 to 3 drops of lubricant to the seal threads (removable floor) and spread evenly with your fingers. The lubricant is non-toxic,
And biodegradable (lubricants do not need to be used with liquid oxygen).
Please observe the following guidelines:
1/2 "– 12 (fine thread) to 18 (coarse thread) rolls
11/2 '' 16 (fine thread) to 24 (coarse thread) rolls
The number of rolls must be adapted to the pipe diameter accordingly.
WEICON DF 175 can be applied to: • Almost all plastic and metal thread seals • Pipes that transport extremely reactive chemicals • Conditions that require contact with gaseous or liquid media such as propane, butane and others • Drinking water areas • Extreme temperature -200 (-328 ° C) to 240 ° C (464 ° C) • Solar application areas • Any situation where threads fall off without treatment (the maximum test temperature is 45 ° C).
• DVGW certified, this product is suitable for gases according to DIN EN 751-3FRp and GRp and DIN 30660
• Tested and certified by DVGW, shedding can reach 45 °
• Drinking water tests conducted according to KTW recommendations from German health authorities
• According to DIN EN 751-3FRp and GRp, DVGW tested up to 100 products at room temperature
• BAM has tested up to 30 products in the presence of gaseous oxygen (with lubricant) (100 ° C)
• BAM tested up to 30 products in liquid oxygen (with lubricant) (100 ° C)
• Approved by the British WRC
• Listed by UL: Sealing material 18BN File MH26734, up to 11/2 '', can be used in pipelines in contact with gasoline, petroleum, propane, butane, naphtha and gas (<30 psig)
• Certified to ASTM F423, this product is suitable for steam and cold water.
• KIWA GASTEC Qa (NL): norm.31, Class' '20'

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