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English name:       Part # 732 139ML WHT MIL-A-46106, Dow Corning 732 Multi-Purpose Sealant
Chinese name:       Part # 732, Dow Corning 732 139ML WHT MIL-A-46106 multifunctional sealant 732 139ML WHT MIL-A-46106, Dow Corning 732 Multi-functional Sealant Product Overview: Dow Corning 732 single-component multi-functional sealant can be adhered to a variety of substrates. It has good weather resistance, humidity resistance, and extreme temperature resistance characteristics. It does not flow, and is cured at room temperature. Elastic rubber. The 139ml tube product conforms to MIL-A-46106 . If you need a production certificate, please request another quote. Anshiao complies with ISO-9001: 2000 system and AS9120 certification. Manufacturer: Dow Corning color Color: White to points: one-component content amount:       139ml Product Name: Multipurpose Sealant
  Mono components:     one component
  chemical composition:     Silicon
  curing time:     24 hours / 7 days
  Dielectric strength:     550 V / MIL
Hard   degree:       25 A
Elongation:       600%
Product No:     3138372
Main features:     the UL QMFZ2 , MIL- A-46106
rt dry time: 20 is minutes
  Operating temperature:     -65 deg.] C to177deg.] C
   ratio of   weight:       1.04
tensile strength:     1300
thermal conductivity:       0.44 X 10 (-3)
viscosity:       paste
  volume resistivity:   for 1.5 X 10 (15) ohm-cm
typical application:     can be used for the bonding of automobiles, aircrafts, instruments, metal, fiber, fiber-lined plastic, etc., and also can be used for heating and refrigeration equipment, Protects components from moisture and moisture from frequent flushing.
  Yield   product:       Dow Corning silicone seal

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