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China's Adhesive Industry | Adhesives Shows New Records, Environmentally Friendly Adhesives Form a Mainstay

In recent years, the adhesive market has grown strongly. It is estimated that by 2020, the global adhesive and sealant market size is expected to reach 60 billion US dollars, with an annual growth rate of 4.7%. As the focus of production and consumption of the global adhesive market gradually shifts to Asia, the huge Chinese market has gradually become a battleground for all major adhesive giants.

How does the adhesives industry, material and equipment market break through?

With the rapid growth of China's industrial output value and demand for industrial products, and the transfer of the production and consumption centers of the global adhesive industry to China, China's adhesive industry has achieved continuous growth in production and sales. Driven by the upgrading of the industrial structure, the market demand for adhesives will grow with it, and its applications will become more and more widespread. According to the "2017-2022 China Electronic Adhesive Industry Market Demand and Investment Consulting Report" estimates, the size of China's electronic adhesive market in 2019 should have exceeded 10 billion yuan. How to optimize the materials and processes of adhesives and make full use of the characteristics of the materials is particularly critical for the realization of green and efficient adhesive bonding of products. Adhesives and intelligent dispensing technology have thus become one of the industries with the fastest development space in recent years.

Chemical Industry High Quality Development Summit Forum Held

It is understood that the theme of this summit forum is "to create a supply chain financial ecology and promote the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry", which aims to closely integrate the actual development of the Zibo chemical industry, take the industrial chain as a carrier, and build a digital intelligent logistics park as a starting point. Taking "supply chain service + supply chain finance" as the starting point, fully utilizing advanced technological means such as blockchain, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, etc., to explore the establishment of a "supply chain financial incubation center" to promote efficient industrial chain collaboration, Improve the asset quality of the industrial chain, allow inclusive finance to benefit the majority of small, medium and micro enterprises, effectively reduce financing costs and financial risks, and comprehensively promote the high-quality development of the chemical industry.
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