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● Corporate Core Values
Humanism, sharing, development, responsibility
People-oriented – Our employees are the most valuable asset. Encourage employees to improve and develop themselves and experience the meaning of life in their work.
Profit sharing – drinking water source, thanks to colleagues for their tireless contribution and effort.
Co-development-Gathering the best professionals and management talents, combined with the company's development goals to provide the best development space for them.
Commitment responsibility – Sustainable operation and giving back to the society are the basic commitments to employees, shareholders and society.
● Business philosophy
Quality-The quality of our products is optimized in creating customer products.
Speed ​​– We deepen our layout and respond quickly to meet customer needs.
Cost-We combine production and sales and integrate vertically to enhance our customers' competitive profits.
Resilience – We have the ability to respond proactively to a small and diverse product market.
Service-We are self-proclaimed in the manufacturing service industry and provide a full range of services that exceed customer requirements; only better, not better.
● Company culture
Building Good Together-Combining professionals in different fields and playing team spirit.
Responsibility-Respect your professionalism and the powers and responsibilities assigned to you, and assume the success of the team and the individual.
Clear rewards and punishments-Performance-oriented as the basis, rewards must be rewarded, and punished if there is any.
Learn to grow – Stimulate the wisdom and potential of employees, and continue to push the limits of growth.
● Core competitiveness
First-class quality and good marketing team
High-precision production and testing equipment
Nationalized layout of sales outlets
Fast response service

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