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Company Profile

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Company ProfileHuizhou Extension Taikang Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a company specializing in the technical development, production and sales of adhesive products. Mainly produces and sells various industrial and electronic instant glues, thread locking agents, pipe thread seals, cylindrical retention, flat seals, structural adhesives, ultraviolet adhesives, high-quality silicone, microporous repair infiltration adhesives for casting, room temperature curing and high strength Epoxy resin, lubricating oil, insulating oil, etc., at the same time authorized agents of the United States Loctite, 3M, Dow Corning, Threebond, Shin-Etsu, etc. Electronic and industrial adhesives. In 2011, it became the authorized distributor of all well-known ITW Group ITW Group brands in the United States (Devcon-DeFukang, Insulcast-Easco, Permatex-Taiyang, Plexus-Plexus, Rocol-Rogo).
The company also sells automatic quantitative dispensing machines. Dispenser needles. Dispenser syringes and connection sleeves; UV lamps. UV lamps. Point light source equipment.
The company's technical team has several experienced professional technical engineers to provide you with effective overall solutions, and the marketing team and after-sales team provide customers with a full range of pre-sales and after-sales services. The company has always adhered to the "technology-based, customer first" business philosophy, to provide our customers with "high quality, low price" with the best cost-effective products. We are anxious for customers, so that customers save time and effort, and strive to become a satisfied professional partner for each customer friend.
There is no need to go around the problem of glue, Tuo Taikang is willing to be your conscience "glue" friends!

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Huizhou Extension Taikang Chemical Co.,Ltd.


ADD:New Energy Technology Building, Beibei Section, S357 Province, Chenjiang Town, Huizhou City
Tel:0752-3290186  3103280


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